Stand Still and Use Your Inner Compass

Slowly, ever so slowly I am making plans in my head.  Some might call my plans dreams.  Well, so be it.  As always I’ve come to a stand still in my training.  It is a predictable predicament.  In the past I have made goals, announced my intentions and them – BAM – I freeze into pillar of stone with a head full of doubt and a feeling of failure.

I dig deep into my brain to understand
why when I set a goal, start towards it I drift away of the very thing I so desperately desire.

Learning to forgive myself for my lateral throws that get me nowhere is a personal goal.  It seems like progress, but we all know it’s just fluff.  I’m sidestepping to avoidfootball the hard stuff.  Or am I?

Reading articles of the successes and failures of others that have/had the same goal as I do,thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, prepares my mind, gets my adrenaline flowing and makes my mouth water for the taste of trying!  I examine articles and webpages to research the purchase of proper gear.  It is quite to fun to shop for the gear I will require to hike this trail.  My recent purchases include: backpack, tent, sleeping bag, water purification system and (woohoo!) sock liners.

Owning the “big three” (pack, tent and sleeping bag) compasswas a goal that I accomplished.  That’s at least a first down if this were a football game.  Now I need a touch down.  I won’t forget my compass.  I just need to stand still a second, look at my compass and it will point me the way to success.  Trailchaser2020, I forgive you for these so called lateral throws.  It keeps the game interesting.

Author: trailchaser2020

Adventure driven. Training for my (insert year here) thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

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