I went to Botswana!

This weekend, dear husband and I traveled to Washington, D.C. His sister lives near there and we visited with family and celebrated a birthday.  The weather was beautiful and so much nicer than it was at home in Buffalo.   I had hoped that a lot of my weekend would be spent outdoors and I wasn’t disappointed.

On Friday, we set out in the morning to take a walking tour of the Embassies on Massachusetts Avenue.  There were about 15 people on the tour and it was informative and relaxing.  I was a little antsy when our guide would stop on the sidewalk and start showing us pictures from his binder.  Some of the stories were interesting, but I was hoping for more information about the Embassies themselves.  It’s was our lucky day when we were able to meet the Ambassador from Botswana.   We were walking by and the driver of the Ambassador had to ask us to move out of the driveway as he was preparing to leave with him in a few minutes.  We decided to wait and take paparazzi photos!  David Nelson was very gracious when he made his way to the car.

Me with the Ambassador of Botswana, David Nelson.  He’s the white guy.


The entrance to the Embassy of Botswana.






He shook some hands and welcomed us to take a tour of the inside of the Embassy. What a treat!  I learned that when you enter an Embassy you are technically in that actual country, with their laws and rules.  I never thought I would go to Botswana, and now I did.


After our tour we had a quick lunch and made our way to the Renwick Art Gallery across from the White House.

Obligatory White House Selfie.

The Renwick Art Gallery is fabulous.  I am not the artsy, fartsy type, but this place was very interesting.  It had such unique art in every room.  It is rather small compared to some art galleries, so it was quick and easy to go through in about two hours.  It might have been less.  You artsy folks may take much longer.

These are photos of some of the more interesting art we saw.

Yes, those are real dead bugs. Jennifer Angus
Mountains of millions of index cards. Tara Donovan
Millions of thin strands of colored thread.  Gabriel Dawe
Maybe he will make me one for my backyard?  Patrick Dougherty

We really had a great time discovering the art and talking about it.   Every art installation was huge!  Really impressive!  If you’re in Washington, D.C.. I highly recommend visiting there.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions, let me know, I’d be happy to chat with you!



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