It’s not a good hike unless you get dirty!

My boots have been broken in!  My tall, fancy work boots that is!   I found a new favorite hiking area called Tillman Wildlife Management Area.  The day I found the park was rainy and windy.

I wasn’t wearing my hiking boots.  I was wearing my work clothes! My hiking clothes and boots were left at home in a pile that I was supposed to grab on my way out the door in the morning, but I wasn’t going to NOT go hiking!  So, off I went.  I found Tillman Road, but I wasn’t sure where to park.  I pulled into a what looked like a parking area, but found a State Trooper instead!  He must have thought I was crazy when I approached his vehicle wearing a long skirt, tall boots and light rain jacket.  I asked him where the parking was for the walking trails and he looked throughly amused.  After making my way to parking area the Trooper told me about, I quickly put my hood up and made my way to the trailhead.

Of course I was looking for a geocache while hiking, so I did have a goal.  I slopped through the mud and wished I had wipers for my glasses!  The trail was actually quite beautiful in the rain and I was smiling like a fool when I ran into a man dressed in full rain gear walking his dog.  He said hello and warned me that boardwalk was very slippery.  I thanked him and continued on, watching my step.   I can’t imagine what he thought of a woman in a long skirt out in the rain!  The geocache wasn’t too difficult to find, but I did have to walk in INCHES of water!  I can’t believe my tall, fancy boots kept the water out!  I was fully expecting my feet to be soaked, but they weren’t!

As I made my way back to the main trail I came across some teenagers running in shorts and I am guessing it was their mom I said to hello to, not far behind them.  I slipped a little on an incline, but kept my body upright, thankfully!  Approaching the parking lot I saw the State Trooper truck and the Trooper stuck his head out the window and said, “I wanted to make sure you came out of there okay!”  I laughed and said, I was throughly wet, but I still have a smile on my face!  We laughed and went on our way.

There is something to be said about walking in the rain.  Now I only walked for about a half an hour, but it was refreshing.  It might have been cleansing if I didn’t have MUD up my boots and all around the edges of my skirt!  Still, I’m glad I didn’t let it stop me.  It won’t be able to stop me on the AT either.  Go hike!  Here are a few pictures of Tillman on a nicer day when I was there hiking.IMG_20151102_171410453IMG_20151101_130848641IMG_20151101_130905720

IMG_20151102_164246952My favorite!

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