Sunday afternoon.

One question I hear from my husband is “Are we walking or driving?”  Today we are definitely walking.  There is a car show in town and there are so many people that their cars are parked in front of our house and we are a quarter mile from town!

Today was warm, very warm.  Too hot to hold hands with my husband I lengthened my stride to keep up with his pace.  We were excited to get into town and have lunch at our favorite place, Darrow’s.  This portion of my walk was a bust as you can assume.  Arriving at Darrow’s we found two stools at the bar and enjoyed the company of friends while I had a salad and my husband had a “Godfather” sandwich.  My salad was a Pittsburgh salad.  Not exactly for the health conscious, it comes covered in french fries.  It was delicious as you can imagine.  The “Godfather” sandwich is steak, jalapeno peppers and gooey cheese on a hard roll.  He enjoyed it thoroughly.  We both drank plenty of water before we headed out into the sun to see the car show.

I knew this walk would be leisurely and relaxed. We walked through the triangle park and across the street to see my friend Pam and her family.  We chatted and lingered.  It was delightfully refreshing and my friend Pam is very happy and positive.  Her energy is contagious!  Regretfully parting ways, my husband and I walked back through the triangle park, stopped to listen to music and chat with friends and finally we walked up into the town park near the walking path.  There were so many fun cars to see.  Of course I didn’t take any pictures of them, though.  My favorites were the ones with spider webs painted in purple and cars with flames.  Someday I will own a car with flames.  After walking the trail maybe I’ll splurge!

Excitedly I saw an ice cream truck.  I said to my husband….I hope they have Perry’s!!!  Scanning their menu I found the Perry’s Strawberry Sundae Bar!  It was only a $1 and soon it was just a memory of sweetness on my lips and stickiness on my fingers!  Delicious!!!  Walking down the walking path we heard a band starting and of course my husband loves any music!  I told him I would continue my walk while he listened to the band and happily he agreed.

Rounding the familiar path I zeroed in on the Joe Panza Trail.  I couldn’t wait to be away from the loud music and hustle bustle of the car show.  Easing onto the trail felt like returning home after being away for too long.  I embraced the cooler, shaded air with a deep cleansing breath.  The loud music was too much for the little path and it gripped my ears.  In fact the music was horrible!  The vocalist was very bad and I knew Dave wouldn’t want to stay to listen to that for long.  Quickening my pace I hurried to make a short walk meaningful.

I glanced around at the serenity inside the little woods.  The mossy covered logs,

IMG_20150726_155528970 (1)

the tall trees leaning over the path letting in the sun in with peek-a-boos as the wind blew the leaves.  IMG_20150726_155407072

Turning around (yes, sometimes it has to be) I followed a blue morpho butterfly out of the trail.  It made turning around easier when you had such a beautiful leader.  The little fellow would not land for me to take a picture and I watched as it floated up into the trees and was gone.  Here is a stock photo.  butterfly

With a tinge of regret that the music was getting worse and much louder as I neared the trail head my stomach flipped flopped with love as I could see my husband watching for me. I stepped onto the walking path and discovered that had I interrupted the walk of a large winged ant.  Something compelled me to take a picture and when I bent down, the little guy stopped for a moment and posed for me! IMG_20150726_155948310 (2)

Thoroughly amused I jogged to catch up with my husband and we continued our journey.  We saw the Mercy Flight helicopter on display and we decided to take a closer look.  It was much smaller on the inside than I had imagined and I said a quick, silent prayer for the crew and passengers, past and future.

IMG_20150726_160438404 (1)

Feeling Dave’s tiredness, I quickened my pace and we headed home.

Holding hands now, we chatted about our day and talked about our gratitude for living in such a great little town.  I had set my app to measure my pace and all in all we walked about 3 miles.  A very lazy walk of 3 miles. As we entered the house, we could hear the strong thuds of Mercy Flight’s blades hit the air in take off, flying low. Thankful that it was only for show.

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